Mafia Token

🌹 Limited Supply TRX Token 🌹

10M Total Supply 5M Circulating Supply

Mafia Token Distribution:

Founders 20%
Airdrop & Presale 30%
Uncirculated 50%

Why Mafia Token?

Limited Supply

Only 10 Million Mafia Tokens will ever be in existence.

Social Sharing

Whitelisted on Telegram with Seedit & Robominer Bot.

TRON Market

Trade Mafia for Other TRC10's on our Telegram Exchange.


Mafia Token is well known in TRON trading rooms.

Mafia Token Investor Dividends

Holding Ranking
50,000+ Mafia Caporegime Level (x.001 Dividend)
100,000+ Mafia Underboss Level (x.005 Dividend)
500,000+ Mafia Boss Level (x.01 Dividend)
Dividends on holdings paid monthly.

What is Mafia Token?

Mafia Token is an investment gaming token in which players invest real tokens such as Sushi,, Cigarettes, Poker and more into profitable virtual businesses in our Mafia World website / dapp.

Because Mafia has already been established and traded in trading rooms, we wanted to help you continue to trade Mafia and diversify your TRON Token portfolio. Even if you're not a trader you can earn from our investments through our dividend program.

Mafia Token is about a Lifestyle

By holding Mafia you're part of an elite group.

Only 10 Million Mafia tokens were minted and no more will ever be created. That's only half of the supply of Bitcoin and 1 / 10,000th the supply of TRON. We understand the tokenomics behind a successful project and Mafia will prove to be a market leader in the future.

Mafia is part of a new form of alternate reality afforded by blockchain technology. You can earn real money in the form of cryptocurrency and spend it on other assets. While we can't guarantee your returns, anything is possible in this bold new, high stakes, digital era.

Why Mafia?

Investors in Mafia will earn monthly dividends from profits made on "The Fund".

During our airdrop Mafia tokens were traded for other projects to build a portfolio of tokens we've named "The Fund". We've secured a large portion of a select number of key projects that we will implement into our Mafia World game and other applications earning top Mafia holders dividends.

5M Mafia Tokens are locked at 1:1 TRX Price